Personal English Tutor for Asians


Personal English Tutor for Asians

Every learner comes to with their own level of ability, experiences and strengths in English. I teach from elementary to advance using communicative methods rather than rote style. Your progress is measured on real life usage linked to real-world use of English.
Tutoring designed to improve fluency and pronunciation.

Individual tuition is available in English as a Second Language (ESL) in your own home on an hourly basis for housewives, college students and working adults.

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN! Get started now and learn to:

  • communicate confidently.
  • progress towards your personal language goals
  • communicate with people from around the world.
  • help you get into a good university or give you natural confidence to mingle & deal with your working life and day to day activities

Lessons are tailored to your personal needs. It can be:

  • Vocabulary building exercises
  • Grammar tutorials and notes
  • Communication exercises
  • Exercises to increase your fluency in spoken English
  • Classes on communication through body language and mannerisms